nighthawks wins Best Foreign Film

It's official: nighthawks wins Best Foreign Film at 15 minutes of Fame on Cocoa Beach!

In a first for the popular 15 Minutes of Fame independent film festival, a Chinese-language ‘film noir’ has won Best Foreign Film. In a last minute twist, the film also win "Audience's Favorite!
Based on true stories, Nighthawks dramatically confronts corruption and highlights the impact of the Internet on China sub-culture.  “A lot of what you hear and see in this movie is based on fact…real situations, real people, real discussions online” said Lupori.  “In fact a lot of the script is lifted verbatim off Chinese social networks.”
The film is the first film shot in the Shanghainese dialect and Mandarin Chinese to win such an accolade.
Bright Shadow Films Managing Director and Nighthawks Producer Charlie Moretti flew from Shanghai to Florida especially to attend the film festival.  “I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be here to receive this special prize. The reaction to the film here in Florida has surpassed expectations. This award goes to prove that the theme we address is indeed a universal one and one that can impact anyone with a social network literally overnight.”
The 15 Minutes of Film Independent Film Festival is highly respected in the industry for celebrating independent filmmakers. The festival is now in its fifth year and is organized, funded and judged by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge.
“This is completely unexpected. It is wonderful to be acknowledged for a piece of work that I have been so passionate about for the past two years.” Gianpaolo added.  “I set out to make a short film about a topic that is very close to my heart, and to now be awarded Best Foreign Film has completely blown me away.”
“I’m also very, very pleased for the whole team who all worked so hard to get this movie to where it is today.  For an independent Chinese language film to be recognized on the international circuit is a huge credit to the actors, the crew and the production team.” said Lupori.
Nighthawks deals with the very hot topic of rumor mongering on the Internet in China and illustrates how dramatically the internet can change the lives of the man and the woman on the street… in little more than just 14 minutes.

Festival organizers Ray and Migdalia Etheridge added that Nighthawks "is a very intriguing look at how China's exploding network of social media is changing public opinion and political views from behind closed doors" which might also explain why the film won "Audience Favorite" at the Film Festival.