Gianpaolo Lupori is an Italian Director and Cinematographer living in China.

For the past 6 years he has created content for a wide range of media platforms both in Asia and beyond, working on documentaries, advertisement campaigns and film.

Filmmaker Since 2004, Gianpaolo has been interested in Chinese urban culture, exploring and developing unique stories with universal relevance revealing the amazing developments taking place within Chinese society. Gianpaolo has written and directed a number of Independent short films about the extensive influence the social media has on individual and collective patterns of behavior, on the way we interact with each other, how we determine our personalities and relate to our surroundings.

Commercial Director With a background in Media and Communication Studies, he’s always pursued alternative ways to combine passion for visual aesthetics and traditional storytelling with his interest in social commentary and media analysis in order to produce compelling, socially engaged and commercially attractive content. He has directed viral campaigns, commercials and consumer insight videos for brands such as The North Face, La Roche Posay, Citroen and Maybelline.

Cinematography Gianpaolo Lupori is a versatile Cinematographer with extensive experience with both international and Chinese productions, working with a wide spectrum of both traditional and cutting edge digital filmmaking tools. With an eye for poetic imagery, he has worked on several independent short films with a number of upcoming Chinese film directors.





Charlie has been producing for over 10 years. French born and schooled in England, he quickly joined the theatre group (mostly due to his non existent skills on the rugby field) and ended up firmly backstage building sets (entirely due to his inability to speak english at the time). There, his duties included screening films for the entire school on weekends using 1930s Vulcan machines.

Charlie founded his first production company ‘Dont Walk’ while doing his Master in Management at the University of St Andrews where he worked with Claudia Schiffer, Yves St Laurent, Judi Dench, Alan Rickman and Jack Vettriano on charity events.

After leaving St Andrews with top honours (and top mark on his dissertation “Film financing in Britain and France”) Charlie worked with Matthew Vaughn (the producer of Guy Ritchie's hit films ‘Lock Stock’ and ‘Snatch’) on ‘Layercake’ starring Daniel Craig.

In 2004 Charlie moved to China where he founded Bright Shadow Films. Working with some of the biggest names in the business: Working Title, Universal, MTV, Disney, BBC and National Geographic as well as many brands including Dior, Ferrari, Chanel, L'Oreal, Maybelline... Charlie produced TV shows, documentaries and commercials as well as films.

From helicopter shoots in Hong Kong and New York to underwater filming with Dolphins in Hangzhou or with A List talent including Li BingBing, Fan BingBing, Jet Li, Clive Owen, Caterina Murino, Gong Li, Patricia Field and numerous others, Charlie has produced hundreds of hours of material across Asia and has been living there for 8 years.

He speaks French and English natively and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Italian.


Directed by Gianpaolo Lupori

Produced by Charlie Moretti

Executive Producer 蒋乐俊 Tony Lejun Jiang

Line Producer 朱天杰 Tim Chu

Original idea by Gianpaolo Lupori

Written by 陆子明 Leo Lu, Gianpaolo Lupori


Cast  (in order of appearance)

Shop owner  英歌 Yin Ge

Daughter 李奕林 Helen Li

Watchman  毛纪明 Mao Jiming

Godmother  黄星霞 Huang Xingxia

Large Boy 陈诗阳 Chen Shiyang

Bothered Patron 陆子明 Leo Lu

Young Man 蒋乐俊 Tony Lejun Jiang

Girlfriend  姜玥婷 Erica Jiang

Young student 姚鸣翔 Yao Mingxiang


Cinematography by   Gianpaolo Lupori

Editing by   Robert Polewski

Original Score by Mike Hough

Sound Design and Mix by Mike Hough

Art Direction 汤政澄 Tang Zhengcheng